The Gunhard A.E. Oravas Educational Foundation

Dr. Gunhard A.E. Oravas (1923-2015) was a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at McMaster University. His areas of interest included Continuum Mechanics and Structural Engineering. He was an outstanding scholar, fully committed to the pursuit of academic excellence. He was also a dedicated teacher who greatly contributed to the quality of engineering education at McMaster University.

The Gunhard A.E. Oravas Educational Found was established jointly by Dr. A. Winnicki, who was the sole beneficiary of Oravas Estate, and by Dr. S. Pietruszczak, the Estate Trustee, who was a close friend of Dr. Oravas. This organization is registered as a non-profit Corporation operating for charitable purposes, and will devote its resources to financial support of graduate (Ph.D.) students.

Foundation’s objectives

  • To promote the quality of higher education in engineering. To recognize and support talented students
  • To promote study, research and innovation in the area of Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures at McMaster University
  • To award scholarships to doctoral students involved in research in Computational Mechanics of Deformable Solids.

Mechanics of deformable solids is fundamental for civil, mechanical and biomedical engineering, and for many branches of physics such as materials science. The main criteria for granting the scholarships will include the quality of the proposed research project and the academic excellence of the Ph.D. student. The scholarships will be awarded by the Foundation’s Chairperson(s) on the recommendation from the Selection Committee which comprises a number of academics with an established international reputation.

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